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Regulation Products

Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)

or similar to “DEAD MAN Alarm” is designed to monitor bridge activity and alert the Officer or Watch Navigators if the bridge becomes unattended. The system first alerts the officer of the watch through local alarm indication at the bridge unit and if he is not responding, then alerts the master or the other qualified designated officer. Kindly contact us for more information.

Emergency Towing Booklet (ETB)

If of interest, the owners would need to provide the mooring arrangement drawings or details of all mooring equipments onboard along with the above. We will also send a mail containing particulars which we would require for the preparation of ETB. Once details are provided, we shall carry out assessment and prepare booklet accordingly.

PV Valve Test Kit

enables ships staff to periodically test the PV valves for operation at the desired pressure and vaccum settings. They do not need to send the valves ashore. Its a portable (wheeled cart), easy to use equipment. Accumalator is located within the wheeled cart. It requires ships' service air supply. The PV valve to be tested can be mounted on the test kit flange. A flange of NB 100 is provided as standard supply. Adapters to suit different sizes can be provided to suit vessel specific requirements.

Brake Test Kit

on-board test facility to verify that winch brakes are set to render at the correct load. It consists of a hydraulic jack (load cell) with pump, bracket and fork arrangement to fix to the winch drum flange, hoses, fittings etc and pressure gauge. Can also supply Ship specific conversion table (for converting the pressure to load) and a direct load read-out display.

All of above are at prices far more attractive than that from the equipment manufacturers.