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We supply Second-hand, completely refurbished and tested parts - complete engines, critical engine components, Refrigeration compressors, Purifiers, Radars, Gyros etc

Main Air/Air-Conditioning/Reefer Compressors

All Compressors are refurbished with new replacement parts.Main Air Compressors are pressure-tested for leakage and delivery.Aircon compressors are tested for leakage using Nitrogen, for loading/unloading operations and for running oil pressure.Reefer compressors are tested for leakage using Nitrogen and for operational oil pressure.Our specialization is in HVAC and provision Refrigeration systems related jobs.We also supply NEW, OEM-quality parts for ALL types of AC and Refrigeration compressors. These parts are always in stock with us.


We regularly supply fully overhauled F.O, D.O & L.O Purifiers such as Alpha Laval, Mitsubishi, Titan etc. A thorough inspection is done of the worm and worm wheel, clutch pads and bowl assembly. Purifier is tried out for noise-free and vibration less operations. We can also source other client specific items such as Centrifugal Pumps, Thermometer & Pressure Gauges, Sludge Pumps, Weather Fax Machine, Flowmeters, Peak Pressure Indicators etc.

Technical Consultancy services and co-ordination of all types of Annual services.

We at Taurus Marine are providing various services for vessels calling Indian ports such as annual equipment servicing jobs such as complete LSA/FFA, gas detectors calibration/service, pressure/temp gauge calibrations, crane load testing/servicing, Radars & other navigational equipment service etc or any Purifier, Boiler, M.Engine /A.Engine maintenance/overhauls etc. Also supply of stores for deck/engine/cabin/lsa/ffa/medical/nautical equipment/publications/lubes etc. Any job we undertake will be supervised by our own Representative or Superintendent to ensure smooth and successful completion

Process of selection

Correct understanding of your requirement.

Sourcing from second-hand market in India, Bangladesh, and Far-East.

Visual, external inspection by our technician if supply is on “as is” basis.

Re-conditioning and refurbishment of the equipment to operational levels.

Inspection and testing of the equipment prior supply – if required under class.

Final arrangements made to dispatch the same to the required destination, by sea or air.

Our Service Team / Flying Squad is ready to assist owners in installation of the spares / equipment supplied. Our Engineers regularly sail with vessels to rebuild/overhaul engines. Our Service Teams have been attending vessels all over the world for specialized structural repairs as well as routine Engine overhauls. A team consisting of Marine Engineers, Fitters, Welders and Fabricators can be deployed on board ships at short notice and can handle specialized structural fabrication, pipe-work, boiler and sundry engine repairs depending on owners specific requirements.

Our Technical Team consists of :

1)Technical Manager who is a very senior C/E with several years of rank experience

2)Technical Superintendent who is also an ex C/E

3)Service Engineer who is an ex E/O cum Reefer Engineer with several years of sailing experience

4)Service Engineer with many years of experience in HVAC and Refrigeration-related jobs

4)Team of technicians in our workshop.