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Service Teams

Supply of Service Teams :

Our Service teams have been attending vessels world wide for afloat structural repairs, fabrication, generator installations, routine engine overhauls, hydraulic equipment repairs and installation. Teams have also been sent for specialized jobs like turbocharger overhaul, crankshaft alignment and bridge equipment installation. Our team of Engineers, Electricians, Marine Fitters, Welders, Fabricators Painters, Blasters and cleaning gang can be deployed on board at short notice. Their stay on board can vary from 1 week - 1 month or more - depending upon the requirements of our Principals .

Qualifications - Our service teams consist of National / Non-National CDC holders.

Superintendent - Class I or qualified senior – may not hold C/E rank.

Service Team Supervisor (STS) – Work experience is criteria having Class III / IV.

Service Team Leader (STL) – H as the experience and skills of a junior-level engineer. BUT he does not have any certificate. He will have experience as fitter on vessel and engineer in shore-based workshops, marine workshops and may be in shipyards. He will be fluent in English and capable of understanding instructions and translating same to his Team.

Service Team Fitters (STF) – Certified Diesel Mechanics with hands on experience on Lathe or Shaping machine or Gas cutting and welding.

Welder cum Fabricator – Welder with or without Classification Society 3 G - 6 G Certificate or as required.

Riggers cum Helper – Experience riggers from Marine Workshop or shipyard.

Painter – With painting experience from shipyard.

Cleaners – Wipers / Donkey Greases with sea going experience.