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Technical Management

New Construction / Plan Approval

Ship Inspection for Sale / Purchase

Preventive and Maintenance Planning

Drydocking, Surveys and Repairs Supervision

FPPL has the leading edge of technology in all matters relating to the technical managemnt of ships. A highly skilled and experienced team of engineers and technical staff are always on call to ensure prompt responses with no for delays. From regular inspections, planned maintenance and technical upgrading to running ships and monitoring their progress, FPPL's team provides shipowners cost-effective value added services to protect their assets through their safe operation. Besides active relationshipsm.Our team offers the highest level of ship management services for all types of vessels emphasizing safety, environmental protection and shipboard maintenance at competitive and cost-effective rates. FPPL has the wherewithal to offer all aspects of technical ship management, Which Include

Integrated Class accredited ISM, ISPS, ISO 9001:2015 quality systems.

Vessels operated safely and efficiently within all applicable legal, environmental and health & safety regulations.

Extensive records of all aspects of vessel operation and planned maintenance which remain the property of the Owner.

Sourcing and procurement of the most cost efficient spares and consumables for a client’s vessels.-

Risk assessment and Loss prevention surveys carried out on all vessels.

To maintain the vessels at all times fully certified and in compliance with the requirements of the applicable regulatory authorities.

Maintain proper and legal financial records for each vessel.

Submit regular technical and financial reports as required by the client.

An open book policy in which Clients are welcome at any time to review financial records. Any discounts or rebates negotiated on behalf of the Client are returned to the client.